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Wedding Sound


Don't miss a thing, whether it's your best man's speech or your first dance, the highest of sound quality is a must.  Here at Status Entertainment, we custom tune our professional sound equipment specifically to your venue, so you won't have any trouble hearing what needs to be heard, or not hearing after the music stops.





Live Sound 


Status Entertainment offers full live sound reinforcement.  That means full backline, drums, bass amps, monitors, and all the mics you can imagine needing.  With multiple ranges of sound systems we can take care of the smallest venues to large scale stages.  Musician backgrounds help us to get the optimum tuning and set up for any band or performer we are working with.

Special Event Sound


Status Entertainment is a strong believer in the fact that it is your event and we are just here to help you reach its full potential.  Our staff may all come from different backgrounds but we have strong family values and work together as a team.  Those backgrounds help us to cater to the needs of any events.  That being said let us provide equipment for your next special event.  Projectors and screens make for awesome additions to birthday parties, surprise your guest of honor with a video slideshow, the more embarrasing the better.  Have a combo event where you might need sound for a band in one area, and an emcee in another, and a dj somewhere else? We got you covered. 

PA Sound


Just need a sound system for a meeting, assembly, or even your float in a parade?  We offer simple PA systems that are easy to operate, with a quick set up.  Status Entertainment has wired and wireless mics and will tune any of our sound systems specifically for your needs.  You got an idea we didn't mention, lets try and work it out together.  Simple solutions for perfection are a big part of Status Entertainment.

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