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Lighting Services

Lighting, can really set an event apart from another.  The right uplights at a wedding, or stage lights at a fundraiser, will wow all of your guests, and keep them talking about your event for a long time.  Turning drab to fab can literally be done with the right lighting aspect.  Don't see what you want here? Just ask us, we have way more lights then we could fit on this page so we may be able to bring your ideas to life.


Uplights really are a full sundae with a cherry on top.  Our top of the line powerful, low profile uplights feature the standard, RGB (red, green, blue) LED's but

in addition feature the A (amber) LED's broadening the color mix possibilities spectrum hitting truer tones.  Set the mood, highlight architechture, or trees and tents, the possiblities seem endless.

Effects Lighting

Keep your party rocking all night long as if it were your own personal upscale nightclub. Our intelligent lights dance to the beat of the music while you and your guests dance the night away. Perfect for

any event, even house party sweet 16's.  The club experience feeling will make your event a memory of a lifetime.

Stage Lighting

To often performer's are hidden by insufficient light.  Stage lighting should be for both the audience and the performers.  We have the equipment to not only light

up stages, but also program or control light shows live on the fly. With full DMX lighting systems, we can change colors, effects, move spotlights, and so much more right from a controller board.

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